Roses and Rainbows

Why do I continually expect certain people to behave in a certain way when I KNOW that they aren’t going to?? My brain just can’t seem to accept that they wont see the error of their ways. I keep thinking that their heart will lead them down the right road and they’ll just automatically know what’s right and wrong. *sigh. It just doesn’t happen though. I guess some people are so wrapped up in their own mess that they don’t smell the stink of it any more. How can someone be so unhappy and seemingly not even know it? My world is filled with roses and rainbows and I guess I just don’t have a way to relate to that type of person. How did I get so lucky and they did not …….



It is so amazing when I teach Tori something and then I see her apply it by herself somewhere outside of our schooling. Growing a child’s mind is just as important as feeding their bodies. We had such a good day today over her school work. We laughed a lot and learned some great things. I was excited to see the surprise in her eyes when she spelled “authenticity” correctly the first time. Spelling is a weak subject for her but she felt completely accomplished today and that made my heart smile. =-) And I especially felt thankful for the huge hug she gave me after lessons were done and her sweet words rang in my ears for hours later ..”Mom, I love home schooling with you. I’m ready for the entire year.”

Home School Monday ..

Well, tomorrow starts this years worth of home schooling. Tori (who is 12) has mixed feelings about her summer break being over but I know once she gets in the swing of things she’ll enjoy the learning. I actually don’t have to teach much math this year as I bought her the teaching text books and OHMYGOSH are they amazing! The Cd’s have a teacher lead lecture for every single math problem in book. It’s very well put together. Our other focus is going to be heavily on writing. She wrote a lot of mini-stories over the summer and so I think we’ll take some of the them and flesh them out more over the course of the year.
As for myself, I’ve been pretty busy with knitting and crocheting orders. I’ve just finished a rather large shawl that I’m dearly in love with. ❤ I've been very fortunate this year with my hobby/business. ❤

Away ….

That’s the problem with these online blogs vs. the old pen and paper kind. I sometimes forget it’s here and then I’m left with larger gaps in time that make me feel like I don’t know where to pick up from. Anyway, maybe I’ll stick around here for a while again. =-)